Shamanism in Wales - VISION QUEST
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July 26th to 28th 2013 
Friday AM to Sunday PM
Brecon Beacons National Park
Winter Quest
The Vision Quest is a classic shamanic technique used as an initiation since ancient times in many cultures. It is a fine way to mark a rite of passage or change in your life, and a powerful tool for gaining clarity and new inspiration. This is a short but very potent Quest with strong intention and a deep connection to the powerful land spirits with whom we sit. 

At this peak of summer energy in the year, we will focus on embracing change, feeling gratitude for our achievements, manifesting our dreams more fully, and growing into a new balance as we move towwards the harvest time of 2013. 
We meet on Friday morning, and begin with an opening ceremony which creates sacred space for the weekend. We will journey to connect with our guides and power animals, and to further understand the nature of your quest.  You will learn the ceremonial and practical techniques to use during the Vision Quest, including ways to stay focussed, and to connect with and hear the spirits of nature around you.
You will also have the optional opportunity to receive an individual shamanic healing.
On Saturday morning we prepare what we need on the physical level, then travel to the site where you will find your spot and spend a day and a night in solitude out in nature. When we return on Sunday, there is time and a warm space for rest and reflection, then you will have the opportunity to share and talk over your experiences with the group. This helps you to interpret your experience, and is a vitally important part of the work.
We will end the Vision Quest with a closing ceremony.
Wild Brecon Beacons
The weekend is organised to be suitable for everyone who comes, regardless of their level of experience, please call for a chat if you have any questions. Fasting is traditional during a Vision Quest, and is optional in this case. Circumstances will vary according to your ability and needs, but you will receive experienced guidance and support, both in the shamanic and the practical outdoor senses.
Some meals are included.
Numbers will be strictly limited.
Local accommodation information is available for the nights not spent on the Quest. On receipt of your booking you will be sent a simple kit list, and a Vision Questionnaire which will enable the needs of the group to be met.
Use the Paypal link below to pay a deposit of £100, and send in your booking form separately. If you prefer, you can send a cheque with your form.
Please download the booking form HERE and be sure to read the terms and conditions
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