Shamanism in Wales - THE SACRED DRYAD QUEST
A deep, year-long journey through the ancient British landscape, a Quest with Nature, and a close personal encounter with the Moon and the Dryads of this land.
sacred dryad quest
The Sacred Dryad Quest begins on the New Moon in Libra, in October 2013. We will set our individual intentions for the whole year, and for the first month. The Quest is based on the Ancient British Tree Calendar, and knowledge of working with the phases of the Moon, astrology, and shamanic ways of connection to Dryads, or tree spirits.
We will meet for a whole day, on every New Moon for 13 moon cycles, to work with the tree of that month, exploring its energy and asking for its assistance with our intention. We will explore through shamanic journeying, meditation, and direct encounters with living Dryads. As much work as possible will be done outdoors, so there will be walking and weather involved!
If you have not learned to journey shamanically that's not a problem, it will be included at the beginning of the course along with other techniques for connecting with nature spirits and the Moon.
You will learn about Moon lore - the energy of the phases and cycles, astrology - the energy of the moon in each astrological sign - and some of the deities and myths involved with the Moon.
You will learn about the Ancient British calendar and the personalities and qualities of the 13 trees -how Dryads live, communicate, and behave, their energies, and how to connect and communicate with them.
After the New Moon workshop, you will know your quest for the month that follows, and there will be work for you to do, connecting with a tree in your area, at the culmination of the moon cycle at Full Moon.
This is a true and honest journey of personal growth and transformation, as well as a broad education in Shamanic ways and nature spirits. You are expected to be fully committed to every meeting on the Quest, with no exceptions - as you will see below, the majority of them are on weekdays. This is important. If you cannot commit to the Quest then it's not for you! It is also advisable to keep a journal for the year, which will build into a reference book that you will refer to in years to come.
Each day will run from 10am until approximately 5pm. You will need to be suitably dressed for outdoors in wild Wales, and to bring a packed lunch.
The dates for the Sacred Dryad Quest are as follows:-
Friday October 4th
Sunday November 3rd
Tuesday December 3rd
Thursday January 2nd
Thursday January 30th
Saturday March 1st
Sunday March 30th
Tuesday April 29th
Wednesday May 28th
June TBC
Saturday July 26th
Monday August 25th
Wednesday September 24th
The cost for the Sacred Dryad Quest is £699
Please contact me if you need to ask about payment plans
You can pay a deposit of £199 through Paypal here:-