Shamanism in Wales - HEALING
I offer healings which are powerful, gentle, and creative, and the potential for profound, positive and lasting change, regardless of the type of problem you are dealing with..
Most healing sessions take place at my home near Brecon, where I work indoors and outside, often with a close connection to the spirits of Nature. I'm also frequently available by arrangement in Cardiff and other places. Distant healing sessions are available if you are a long way away or can't travel, and they are just as effective!
My definition of healing is not a fluffy one, or one that believes we can simply 'fix' everything - although sometimes it appears we do. Real healing and growth involve close and honest encounters with our depths and shadows - which is uncomfortable, and takes courage - and when you choose (or are forced by events and circumstances) to go there and embrace those parts of yourself, it's my role to help you find your way through. YOU are the courageous one who takes the responsibility and actually does the healing!
Healing is a much used word which encompasses many processes, and everyone is different. I have been guided by Spirit, circumstance, my own fascination with the workings of Spirit through Humanity, and the many people who request my help, to do this work.
Shamanic Healing can address any problem, however impossibly 'stuck' it may seem, by going to the roots of it with guidance from our beloved helpers in the Spirit worlds. It is very effective in cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and addictions. Soul and power retrieval, extraction, depossession, and past life healing are among the many techniques that may come into play, and every healing is as unique as you are - there is no recipe, and the results are often surprising.
I'm also a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Sound Healer (using voice, drum, rattle, flute, gongs and other instruments), Body Artist, and Ecstatic Trance Dance facilitator.
Shamanic Healing or Counselling   1.5 hours    £50 

Individual Trance Dance Healing   Approx 2 hours includes preparation and recovery   £65
Usui/Tibetan Reiki   1 hour £35
One to One Teaching Sessions   Minimum 2 hours   £20 per hour  
Full Day 10am-5pm, lunch included   £120 

Distant Healing Consultation by email, phone, or Skype. Healing session followed by calls or emails to discuss what has been done. Calls etc included      £45  (1.5 hours total) 
Shorter healings or guidance journeys will be charged less.
Body Art Healing   Full day from 10am, photo shoot, images, lunch and refreshments
All inclusive £299
Reading the Descriptions of Healing Sessions, and my article What's Shamanism? will give you a better idea of what can be done. 
I'm usually available quickly and flexibly, the best way to contact me is to call 07968 010103. Or use the form on the contact page, for a response usually within 24 hours.
Distance Healing is offered by phone, email or Skype consultation, my Skype ID is Wyrdwoman
IMPORTANT! If you book a healing session, I will give you simple directions for finding me. Trust my wisdom and follow these easy directions - don't hand over your faculties to Satnav, as this often doesn't work. If you arrive drastically late for your appointment I may not be able to see you!
Please call 07968 010103
or use the form on the contact page
About Payment…
Healing is not something that can be bought like a tube of glue.
 Your payment is for my time, energy and knowledge, the facilitation of your transformation.
Healing is a dance of love, intention and courage, between your soul and the highest powers. The healer is Spirit, dwelling within You.