Shamanism in Wales - HANDFASTING


handfastingI offer Handfastings and ceremonies, created individually for you. Every ceremony, whether simple or more elaborate, is given the same respect and attention to detail.
 Whether for births, deaths, marriages, healing, joining, separating, celebrating, welcoming, releasing, thanking, affirming or blessing, a ceremony conveys our intention to Spirit and in our inner consciousness. Ceremonies generally involve groups of people but it is also useful and powerful to carry out personal ceremonies alone, and I can help with this.  

conference shamanicOf course there is no rule that says we must follow tradition, although it may be woven together with whatever ideas you have. We can freely create ceremonies in any way we choose - and the most beautiful and memorable ceremonies are those where we have followed our hearts and allowed Spirit to guide our actions. I enjoy sharing ceremonies that are warm, loving, with an element of spontaneity, and encourage the participation and involvement in some way, of everyone present. I can create beautiful decorations, altars and ceremonial items to enhance the occasion. 

I also offer Vision Quests as a very special rite of passage, these may be organised individually, or as part of a group, please click the link for more information. 

The cost for this service is £20 per hour plus travelling costs, and the costs of any items such as ribbons, candles, books, crystals, craftwork, etc that may be required. I work economically with my time and charge honestly, and an average handfasting ceremony costs in the region of £320 to £360. You are welcome to call me for an informal chat about your ideas, so that you can decide if I am the right celebrant for you. 

Please call me on 07968 010103
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Times in our lives where we might use ceremonies:- 
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Handfastings and Marriages
Deaths, Funerals, Memorials
Baby Naming and Welcoming
Blessing for Pregnancy (or Puberty, or Menopause)
Blessing the New Home (or land, or business venture)
Divorce or Separation
Pagan Festival or Seasonal Event
Honouring the creation of a Step-Family or Adoption
Any other reason you personally feel the need - for example, letting go of the past and affirming your intentions for the future; healing; letting go of old habits; endings; beginnings; gratitude.
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