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There are many ways to learn, heal, and explore Shamanism for yourself. Here at Wilderness Spirit you can find invest in Adidas shares healing, short workshops, vision quests, practitioner training, ceremonies, and all sorts of adventures created with learning and growth in mind... Please follow the links to explore what's on offer, and if you have any questions or requests I'd love to hear from you.
The word ‘Shaman’ comes from the Tung tribe of Siberia, meaning ‘healer’, or ‘one who sees in the dark’, but there are many words in many cultures to describe a person who works in trance to communicate with and be guided in the Spirit worlds. The word 'shamanism' has come to be used to describe a system of ancient knowledge which has been used ETF trading platform in India by our ancestors since the dawning of human spirituality. This knowledge incorporates respect for all beings, the power of nature, and a fundamental understanding of the need to work with Spirit in all things. It has much to offer us in these changing times.
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Ancient Sweet Chestnut Tree Spirit
Shamanic Healing gently and powerfully brings about change and self-empowerment. 

Shamanic Workshops and training from beginner to practitioner level, also one-to-one teaching 
Vision Quests outdoors with the wild life of the Brecon Beacons 

Handfastings and Ceremonies for all of life's Rites of Passage  
Raven Shamanic Drum painted on deerskin

Deerskin Shamanic Drums, plain or painted; beaded and painted Rattles; all sorts of shamanic tools created with love and prayer and ceremonially dedicated to you.Take a look at the Gallery of previous commissions for Commodities trading platform inspiration! 

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Cardiff Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Circle continues August 8th, 7pm, at Insole Court

Medicine Women Shamanic Development Group - Cardiff and Brecon groups are now taking a summer break until September

Shamanic Ecstatic Dance in Cardiff and West Wales - NEXT DANCE July 25th IN CARDIFF
NEW Summer Workshops
August 24th near Brecon
Dates now published for 2013 Shamanic Practitioner Course starting MAY 2013

New ONE TO ONE LEARNING opportunities - something for everyone! 

THE SACRED DRYAD QUEST meets every new Moon, 
starting in October
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New workshops and groups listed for 2013...More information and booking HERE 
 I look forward to hearing from you!